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Hans-Peter Hasenbichler
Managing Director viadonau

The Blue Pages - firstly published in 2006 and since 2009 available as a web platform - offer a clear and detailed overview of ship operators active on the Danube and their service profile.  Detailed information and contact data of shipping companies and ship brokers can be found easily and are available free of charge. 

"One of viadonau`s main goals is to disseminate know-how related to the environmentally friendly transport mode of inland navigation on the Danube."

Shipping companies and ship brokers play an important role in the European multimodal transport system. The online directory Blue Pages increases the transparency of the Danube Navigation market, and offers reliable data for shippers who want to have the environmental friendly Danube Navigation in their transport portfolio.

Viatcheslav Vdovitchenko
Managing Director First-DDSG Logistics Holding GmbH

Founded more than 185 years ago (1829), DDSG today is one of the biggest river shipping companies in Europe. We transport more than 2,0 mio. tons of different cargoes per year on the Danube, Main and Rhine from Izmail (Ukraine) and Constanta (Romania) till Amsterdam, Rotterdam (The Netherlands), Antwerp and Gent (Belgium). We have various cargo vessels, powerful liner, feeder, auxiliary pushers, set of barges, floating cranes, necessary technical and supporting infrastructure.

DDSG transports cargo to following destinations
WEST: between Danube and ARAG ports 
EAST: Black Sea (Izmail/Constanta) - Upper/Middle Danube 
UPPER DANUBE: Bratislava-Linz 
LOW-COSTER: between Middle and Upper Danube ports

Our main clients are large companies of metallurgical, chemical and energy industries, machine building and agricultural sectors of the European economy.